Ways to Reduce Heating Cost in 2017

It’s a new year and that should mean new resolutions. If one of your resolutions was to save money, lets start by saving money on your energy bill. It can sometime be hard to stay warm in the cold winter. Cranking up the furnace as high as it goes will also raise your energy bill.

Top Home Comfort Tips from Bartlett

Bartlett Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing the very best in home comfort products and services since 1978. Along the way, we have learned some of the best ways for Bartlett homeowners to keep their home comfortable no matter what the outdoor thermometer reads. Below are some of our favorite articles from the blog

Is Your Furnace Correctly Sized?

Are you in the market for a new furnace soon? You should be sure that you are getting the correct size needed for your home. Don’t always assume the size you have in your home now is the correct one. Some technicians make mistakes and could have sized your home heating needs wrong from the

How Often Should I Replace My Furnace?

We have so many thing in our home to make us comfortable. As you know, most of those things will need to be replaced eventually because nothing lasts forever. Most of the little things will be easy to replace like pillows, smoke detectors ect. When some of the bigger appliances break then it becomes more

Caring Local Woman in Need Receives New Furnace from Bartlett

  This winter, Bartlett Heating & Air Conditioning ran a special promotion on Facebook to give away a free furnace to a local family in need. They received several submissions, each including a touching story from a family in the Bartlett area. Ultimately, the Bartlett Heating & Air Conditioning team chose one local woman whose

Difference Between an ECM and PSC Motor

Your furnace motor is a very important part of your furnace. It helps make it run the way it needs to. Motors can fail for a few different reasons, one being overheating. When your motor goes out, you need to have it replaced. If your furnace is older it likely has a PSC motor in

Four Quick Fixes For Your Furnace

Furnace season is in full swing now. The temps have dropped and the furnaces are running most of the day. What happens if your furnace goes out in the middle of the night and a tech can’t get out right away? There are a few quick fixes you can do to try and help get

4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Comfortable During the Holidays

The holidays are full of exciting–and sometimes hectic—moments, many of which happen right within your home. With so much going on—parties, out of town guests arriving, and other holiday related activities—the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your home is comfy enough for you and your guests! Be sure to

What is the Ideal Humidity for my home?

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air around you. Humidity in your home is a very important things to manage properly. You can have issues if your humidity is too high and also if it is too low. Everyone’s comfort levels are different, but there are things to take into consideration when

6 Benefits of Preferred Maintenance Agreements

Purchasing an HVAC system for your home is a major investment. One of the best ways to protect this investment and get the most out of your HVAC system is by scheduling regular maintenance on your unit. A Preferred Maintenance Agreement (PMA) from Bartlett Heating & Air Conditioning is an affordable way to ensure that