How Often Should I Replace My Furnace?

We have so many thing in our home to make us comfortable. As you know, most of those things will need to be replaced eventually because nothing lasts forever. Most of the little things will be easy to replace like pillows, smoke detectors ect. When some of the bigger appliances break then it becomes more of a big deal and one that you may want to plan for in advance. If you are taking care of the maintenance on your furnace the way you are supposed to then you will make it last around 15 years. Once it’s about 15 years it gets to be time to replace it. The older units are less efficient than the ones that are brand new. Your old unit may look like it is fine and running ok but it could break in the middle of the winter when you need it the most. You want to try and be prepared for this. When you get a clean and check in the fall before it is cold, it gives the technician an opportunity to see the health of the system and recommend parts you may need so it lasts. They also will tell you if it is time to replace. Another benefit of being able to research your options before the furnace dies is that there are some tax credits you may qualify for. You need to meet a certain criteria to qualify but you can check that out on Nicor and When you have time to research for a new furnace installation you are able to make sure you can choose the best company for you. If your furnace dies on one of the coldest days of the year you might not have that chance. Being prepared ahead of time can save you money and a headache. One last thing you should consider is how much you are spending on repairs for your furnace. If you are spending a ton of money fixing an older furnace then you are wasting money. A new furnace will be more reliable and not cost nearly as much while it also saves you money on your energy bills. If taken care of properly, your furnace can last about 15 years. You want to start preparing for replacement about the 10 year mark to be safe. Bartlett Heating and Air gives free installation estimates. Call us today for any of your HVAC needs!