Four Quick Fixes For Your Furnace

Furnace season is in full swing now. The temps have dropped and the furnaces are running most of the day. What happens if your furnace goes out in the middle of the night and a tech can’t get out right away? There are a few quick fixes you can do to try and help get the furnace running in the meantime. The first thing you should do is check the thermostat. The thermostat is what tells the furnace to do its job.  If your thermostats settings got knocked out of whack somehow, your furnace will not run. Make sure the settings have not changed unexpectedly. You also need to check to see if the thermostat has dead batteries. Change the batteries and things might return to normal. Another thing that is really common is a dirty filter. A dirty filter will cause many issues with the furnace. You are supposed to be changing them every month so skipping out on that can cause havoc on the furnace. Have you checked to make sure your registers are open? Blocked registers will prevent the warm air from entering the rooms you need heated. Sometimes they get blocked by furniture or kids toys. Make sure your kids don’t play by them. We have found many toys stuck in the registers because kids like to drop things in the vents. This can cause blockages in your ducts and additional issues. Make sure the duct work is attached correctly and not leaking air. One last think you can do is to check and see that your gas is on. Is the gas company having issues supplying customers at the moment? Did the gas valve accidentally get turned off? Call the gas company to see if they are having issues. If that is not the case then look at your valve. call Bartlett Heating and Air today to help solve any of your HVAC issues!