Difference Between an ECM and PSC Motor

Your furnace motor is a very important part of your furnace. It helps make it run the way it needs to. Motors can fail for a few different reasons, one being overheating. When your motor goes out, you need to have it replaced. If your furnace is older it likely has a PSC motor in it which means permanent split capacitor. One of the downsides to the PSC is that it uses a lot of electricity when it runs. This will make your energy bills higher than they need to be. Another downside of the PSC motor is that it only has one range. When it is on it runs at 100% and the only other setting is off. Most of your older furnaces will have this so if you have to have your motor replaced, request an ECM motor.

The ECM motor stands for electronically commuted motor. When the ECM motor runs it only uses a small amount of energy. This saves you money on your energy bills. This also means less strain for the new motor so it will have a longer life. Your ECM motor will make the temperatures in your home more consistent due to the fact that it runs on variable levels. When the furnace first starts up the motor runs slowly to not blast to room initially. The motor then slowly increases its speed to get the room to the correct temperature. Bartlett Heating and Air installs all ECM motors when we replace for our customers due to the fact that it saves energy and runs better. Call Bartlett Heating and Air today to schedule your furnace clean and check!