Here at Bartlett Heating and Air Conditioning, we want our customers to remain informed about their home heating and air conditioning systems, and we do our part to offer the most informative HVAC information and resources on those HVAC systems. We hope that the information that we provide in our heating and cooling 101 guide below will be of service to our customers and those who want to learn more about heating and air conditioning basics.

HVAC Information for Different HVAC Systems:

Split Systems

Often consisting of a furnace, evaporator coil, A/C or heat pump, ducts, and controls, a split system is called thus because its components lay both inside and outside of the house. This is what you see when an air conditioning and heating system is outside of the home – or on the roof – and the ductwork brings the treated air through the inside of the house.

Hybrid Heat Systems

Just like a standard system, a Hybrid Heat system has components both inside and outside of a home, a Hybrid Heat system often includes a gas furnace as well as a electric-run heat pump to gauge how to most-efficiently heat the air. Coupled with a variable speed blower, a Hybrid Heat system can bot heat the air and work as an air conditioner – cooling the air as well.

Ductless Split Systems

Just as the name suggests, ductless split systems are run both indoors and outdoors and do not use ductwork to transport the heated or cooled air around the home. Consisting of an air conditioner or heat pump, indoor wall units, refrigerant tubing, and controls, a ductless split system is a good idea for homes where adding duct systems would be too costly, or if adding ducts is not a viable option. These are also recommended for rooms such as garages or gymnasiums.

Packaged Systems

When finding the space to house components of HVAC systems is a problem, you can turn to HVAC packaged systems. These systems can both heat and cool using air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Hybrid heat systems can also come in a packaged system, and works as an overall all-in-one unit.

Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

First off, it is essential to realize that heat pumps and air conditioners both produce heated and cooled air. Geothermal heat pump systems pump the air through the ground and use the cooler or heated temperatures to actually treat the air to the correct temperature. Once heated or cooled, the air can be pumped through the house using ductwork or through ductless heating and cooling systems.

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