Making Your Air Conditioner Last

According to experts, if your air conditioning unit doesn’t last for 15 years, then you may not have been taking care of your unit. properly. Without the appropriate maintenance and usage, you could likely have to buy a new device after as early as seven years, which means that you’d lose half the money on your cooling investment.

So what are some things you do that damage your air conditioning unit over time? Take a look.

Running It All Day

Any appliance that is used for 24 hours a day without stopping is going to fail much earlier than one that’s used gently. Remember to let your unit rest for a few hours each day and to set it at the right temperature, instead of automatically keeping it on full blast.

Adding Stress to the Unit

When you add stress to your air conditioner, it must work harder to achieve the correct temperature; it would take a machine much less work with the right practices. Closing your blinds and doors, for example, can help your air conditioner reach and maintain the proper temperature without using as much power.

Forgetting to Clean the Unit

When you don’t have an HVAC contractor to clean your air conditioner and inspect its parts, you could run into a bad cooling experience and a shorter appliance lifetime. Schedule an air conditioning repair every month to make sure that your unit is always working optimally.

Using the Wrong Unit for Your Room Size

Before purchasing a new unit, always conduct an audit of the room’s measurements and energy usage, in order to determine the proper unit size that you will need. Bigger rooms with more people using it regularly needs higher horsepower and a bigger-sized unit.

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