Is Your HVAC Equipment Protected From a Power Surge? Bartlett Heating and Air Has the Answer

Summertime in Illinois typically brings many thunderstorms. Thunderstorms can bring issues to your homes appliances. You most likely have most of your electronics on a power strip/surge protector which is great. What most of us tend to overlook though is the big appliances in our home. The water heaters, the HVAC equipment, ect that can all be costly to have to replace. These larger appliances need to be protected too. All electronics were built to be able to handle a certain amount of power. A power surge which will give them more power than they are designed for can destroy them. Power surges can be caused by many different things but lightning happens to be the most frequent cause. Other things that cause power surges are downed power lines that can be caused by thunderstorms, faulty wiring, power outages, bad electrical components, and aged electrical components. What you can do to help protect your large appliances from power surges is to ground them. This will diffuse the extra power elsewhere. Bartlett Heating and Air can come inspect and make sure your HVAC system is grounded and properly protected from dangerous power surges. Call us today!

Is Your HVAC System Protected From Power Surges?

You drive home from work one day and realize there has been a car accident nearby that has downed some power lines. Emergency crews are on the scene, including your electric company. You don’t think much about it, although you say a quick prayer for the people involved. Upon arriving home, your house feels unusually warm. You think maybe you forgot to turn on your air conditioning unit prior to leaving for work in the morning. However, you soon realize this is, unfortunately, not the case. After assessing your HVAC system and putting two and two together, you discover that the car accident that downed power lines also caused a power surge in your home, damaging your a/c unit and your HVAC system.

Not many people stop to think about their electronic equipment. From your blender to your computer, your television to your electric blanket; all electronic devices were built to withstand and require certain voltages of power. In the case of a power surge, more power than these electronics can stand have the potential to be sent to them. This can severely damage or destroy any of these items. Many smart homeowners buy special outlets or power surge protected power strips to use on these devices for protection. These anti-surge devices work well, however, they do nothing to protect your home utilities, such as your hot water heater, furnace, boiler, air conditioner or entire HVAC system.

Power surges can be caused by internal and external factors. Some common causes of power surges are:

  • Lightning and Electrical Storms
  • Downed Power Lines
  • Faulty Building Wiring
  • Power Outages
  • Cycling On or Off of larger type appliances
  • Maintenance at the power plant
  • Old or bad Electrical Components

Home Power Surge Protection

No home is immune to a power surge. A part of HVAC maintenance is ensuring that your system is protected against internal and external power surges. To do this, call your trusted HVAC provider today. Your HVAC professionals can make sure that your home utilities and HVAC unit is protected in the event of a power surge in your home.