Why Work With NATE Certified Technicians

If you are on the lookout for a technician to install or repair your HVAC equipment, ensure the individual being hired is certified by NATE (North American Technician Excellence).

NATE is a large, non-profit organization. It’s a third-party, independent HVAC certification firm that assesses technician skills and performance.

If a technician is certified by NATE, it means he has cleared specialized exams in specific domains, such as heat pumps, air conditioning, oil and gas furnaces, air distribution and refrigeration. The certificate is an endorsement of the technician’s hands-on knowledge and ability to install, maintain and repair HVAC equipment.

The NATE certification is a stamp of approval on technicians, but it does not supervise their work nor does it hire them for projects. Most contractors prefer working with NATE certified technicians as they are aware consumers feel positive about such workmen.


When it boils down to hiring a contractor, most consumers like to ally with reputable organizations. The second aspect they consider is whether the service provider has NATE certified technicians onboard. Of course, there are reasons to this consumer approach, and they are the following:

i) Proper Installation

Poor installation work can reduce the efficiency of an equipment. Technicians certified by NATE can perform installations that render a machine usable at its optimum efficiency level. Even the smallest of mistakes can lead to impaired results and cost dear. It’s, therefore, necessary to have certified technicians at the helm.

ii) Proper Maintenance

Another benefit of NATE-certified professionals is availing a holistic tune-up all the time. This helps negate future repairs and increases the efficiency of the system.

iii) Efficient, Fast Repairs

Certified technicians are generally accustomed to a plethora of issues that can possibly plague an HVAC equipment. Besides, their ability to speedily diagnose and rectify issues is a valuable bonus.

iv) Lower Energy Bills

The right installation, repair and maintenance work can translate into decreased cooling and heating costs.

v) System Longevity

Annual maintenance work performed by certified technicians helps maintain the ideal home environment for efficient functioning. When the equipment gets subjected to the right working environment, it tends to last longer than its average lifespan.

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Get Professional HVAC Service With NATE Certified Technicians

If you’ve ever asked yourself — what is NATE certification? Now is the perfect time to not only familiarize yourself with the importance of this type of certification, but to also consider how it will benefit you and your family. Most homeowners know that the comfort of their family relies on having a heating and cooling system that is both reliable as well as efficient; however, in order to achieve this, a quality HVAC contractor is necessary.

What does NATE certified mean?

Whether you want to have a new high-efficiency air conditioning system installed in your home or your current AC is in need of repairs, a NATE certified technician will offer superb results. Technicians who are NATE certified offer many advantages over other HVAC technicians. For example, NATE certified technicians have demonstrated their commitment to quality performance and training by passing both a core NATE exam as well as a NATE exam covering an area of specialization. In addition to passing these exams, a NATE certified technician is one who has shown a commitment to ensuring homeowners receive the very best heating and cooling services. NATE certification is not required by law, so technician who take this extra step to become certified are ones who take their job seriously. They are interested in ensuring that homeowners will have the assurance and excellent workmanship that comes from a highly trained professional HVAC technician.

How can NATE certification help homeowners?

While NATE certification is certainly a great indicator of a HVAC technician who takes pride in offering quality services, it is also an important indication for homeowners of a technician who will be able to provide the best HVAC services. When you need HVAC services, knowing that you are hiring a service technician who is committed to excellence is certainly a major benefit. Not only will you be able to be assured that your HVAC needs are met in a professional manner, but you can rest assured that a NATE certified technician will be able to ensure your equipment is functioning as efficiently as possible.

There’s little doubt that the performance and reliability of your HVAC equipment depends on quality installation, repairs and service. Additionally, preventative maintenance by a professional HVAC technician can ensure more efficient heating and cooling as well as provide important protection for your HVAC equipment. Now is a great time to schedule important maintenance and make sure your equipment is in top operating condition.