Air Conditioning Options for the New Homeowner

Cooling a home is slightly more complicated than heating it. Heat can be created by simply making the air particles vibrate or changing pressure. This takes a lot less energy compared to cooling a home.

Cooling a home, on the other hand, requires appliances to take the heat away and put it somewhere else continuously. For the summer months and in certain areas, you need this for your health, your products and your family.

Here are some air conditioning systems that are available in the market.

Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

This is the most common cooling system available. This system has a central compressor that takes in air from the outside and cools it through a coil filled with refrigerant or another cooling medium.

Once the air is cool, it is pumped into the home and eventually dispersed through the air to lower the temperature. Its cooling capacity depends on its horsepower to keep the room cool despite the body heat and carbon dioxide emissions of the occupants and devices in the room.

On the other hand, heat pumps operate the same way as air conditioning units, but they can reverse the process when the season changes from warm to cold.

Room Air Conditioners

Room ACs work just the same as central units but are only designed to cool a single room. They have higher energy efficiency rating since the cooler air doesn’t have to travel through ducts and the floor area to cool is much smaller.

Split Air Conditioners

This works like central air conditioning units, but each room has a cooling unit all connected to an outside compressor with a massive fan. You can control the temperature in each room.

Which Cooling Solution Is Right for My Home?

Finding the right air conditioning system for your home can be tricky especially if you are uncertain about where to begin and what your house actually needs.

Luckily, Bartlett Heating and Air Conditioning can set you up and we can assess your home situation, budget, and preferences. Give us a call at (630) 372-7640 to schedule a meeting for your air conditioning needs.